AACN—Continuing Professional Development Scholarship

The American Association of Critical-Care Nurses scholarship program has expanded to help members enrich their careers and acquire knowledge and skills beyond traditional academic nursing education. AACN’s scholarship program is designed to promote lifelong learning, personal reflection and professional growth. The program may fund academic activities on a limited basis, but that would be because a specific academic course aligns with an applicant’s development plan rather than because an entire academic curriculum results in earning a degree or credential as the end point. Applicants are advised to be very specific when describing how they will achieve their individual goals through the proposed activity for which they are requesting funding.
Applicants must assess gaps in their knowledge and skills, identify and evaluate learning opportunities and develop a plan to show how an AACN scholarship will help them achieve their professional learning goals. In developing your learning plan, be as specific as possible when you are linking learning activities to knowledge gaps. All applicants must be current active members in AACN at the time of application and throughout the term of the funded activity.