American Academy in Rome—Rome Prize Fellowship

Rome Prize fellowships are designed for emerging artists and for scholars in the early or middle stages of their careers. In the case of scholars, preference will be given to applicants for whom research time in Italy, and especially in the city of Rome, is essential, and who have not had extensive prior experience there. The Academy also offers a variety of opportunities for advanced scholars and artists. These include endowed residencies in the same fields as those in which the Rome Prize is awarded and a program for visiting artists and scholars.
Applicants for all Rome Prize fellowships, except those applying for the NEH post-doctoral fellowship, must be United States citizens at the time of application. U.S. citizens and those foreign nationals who have lived in the U.S. for the three years immediately preceding the application deadline may apply for the NEH post-doctoral fellowships. Graduate students in the humanities may apply only for pre-doctoral fellowships. Previous winners of the Rome Prize are not eligible to re-apply. Undergraduate students are not eligible for Rome Prize fellowships.