American Philological Association (APA) - Minority Scholarship

The Committee on Minority Scholarships of the American Philological Association (APA) invites applications from minority undergraduate students for a scholarship to be awarded for Summer 2014. The purpose of the scholarship is to further an undergraduate's preparation for graduate work in classics or classical archaeology. Eligible proposals might include (but are not limited to) participation in classical summer programs or field schools in Italy, Greece, Egypt, etc., or language training at institutions in the U.S, Canada, or Europe. The maximum amount of the award will be $4,000.
Scholarships are available to minority undergraduate students who wish to study classics. Applicants must demonstrate academic qualifications, including ability in a classical language or in fields that prepare a student to become a classicist or classical archaeologist, the quality of the proposal for study, and financial need. Applications must be endorsed by a member of the American Philological Association or Archaeological Institute of American.