Electronic Etiquette

While some forms of electronic communication tend to be rather informal, such as email, scholarship applications are formal. Good grammar, spelling and punctuation count. In addition, there are some particular requirements for an electronic document of the kind you may be required to create. Please follow these rules explicitly!

  • Fill in all information requested. The information asked for is important to your application, and your application is confidential.
  • No indents. All typing should begin at the left margin or the left-hand side of the response area or box.
  • No tabs. Tabs will seriously impede translation of your electronic application. Bold, underlining, centering, or other special formatting commands will not survive the translation and may cause problems in importing your application into an electronic file. You have no choice as to the font type or size.
  • Proofread. It would be unfortunate if the scholarship selection committee were unable to contact you because numbers in your address or phone numbers were transposed. If on-line, read over all information as you type each section and before you sign off and finally submit the application. If submitting on paper, be certain all information is filled in legibly and correctly and that all attachments are included (transcripts, letters of recommendation, writing samples, etc.)