Frequently Asked Questions

What services does your office offer to students?

BYU National Scholarships, Fellowships, & Programs focuses on certain national awards, but we also try to help students become aware of all the scholarship resources available to them. Additionally, we advise students on what they can do to be more competitive and aid them in the scholarship application process. We are not associated with the BYU Scholarship Office or the BYU Financial Aid Office. Our office is specifically designed to help students gain non-BYU (or external) scholarships.

When should I start preparing to apply for scholarships?

Although it is never too late to prepare, we suggest that students begin preparing for prestigious scholarships at the beginning of their undergraduate education. They can accomplish this by getting involved in many extracurricular activities, leadership, service, research and programs that will enhance the undergraduate major. The sooner you know which scholarships you would like to apply for, the easier it will be for you to know how best to prepare for them.

When should I apply?

Most of the scholarships we deal with have application deadlines one year in advance. We ask students to contact us at least a year (and sometimes a year and a half) before they will need the funding.

How can I make an appointment?

We suggest making an appointment with our office after you have completed all of the background research for the scholarships you are interested in. Then, please email us ( your contact information, which scholarships you are interested in, how far along you are in the application process, and what we can do to assist you. We will then email you back and set up an appointment.

What does "prestigious" mean?

A "prestigious" scholarship means that students from all across the nation will be applying for the award. The nature of a national competition makes these scholarships very competitive and they require a substantial amount of preparatory work. However, do not be discouraged because many BYU students receive "big name" or prestigious scholarships on a regular basis.

I am not a US citizen, so what scholarships can I apply for? 

There are several scholarships that do not require US citizenship; we recommend using our Resources for International Students webpage to find funding opportunities and scholarships.

How can I know if I am competitive for a prestigious scholarship?

Each scholarship will have its own eligibility requirements, so be sure to check if you meet the criteria. However, most scholarships use GPA as a factor in the selection process. To be competitive for the most prestigious national scholarships, you must demonstrate leadership ability, participation in service and extra-curricular activities, and involvement in other activities such as research, internships, and study abroads.

How many BYU students have won prestigious scholarships?

In the past twelve years, BYU has had over 200 students win over 300 prestigious scholarships. To view a list of the recipients, click here.

Where can I find information on BYU scholarships?

The BYU Financial Aid and Scholarship Office is located in A-41 ASB and can be reached at 801-422-4104.