Knowles Science Teaching Foundation

The Knowles Science Teaching Foundation (KSTF) was established to enhance the quality of high school science and mathematics teaching. KSTF offers Teaching Fellowships to young men and women who have degrees in science or mathematics and want to teach high school physics, chemistry, or mathematics. The Fellowship provides both financial and professional support for up to five years, including tuition assistance and a stipend while Fellows participate in a recognized teacher credential program.
KSTF Science and Mathematics Teaching Fellows are chosen from among individuals who have earned or are in the process of earning a degree in a discipline related to the science or math subject(s) they intend to teach. Fellowships are intended for individuals committed to teaching high school mathematics, physical sciences or biological sciences. KSTF is seeking individuals who have outstanding and current content knowledge; thus applicants should have a recent content degree (typically within the last 5-10 years). We are also seeking candidates who have the capacity and determination to commit to teaching as their primary career; the fellowship is not intended for those who have previously established a career (typically more than 5-10 years) in another field.