Meet the Staff




Fred Pinnegar

Associate Director of National Scholarships, Fellowships, & Programs

Fred Pinnegar holds a doctorate in American Literature from the University of Arizona, with a dissertation on women, marriage, and sexuality in Herman Melville’s work. Before coming to his present position, he taught many different Writing, Literature, Humanities, and Religion classes at a number of schools, such as Western Michigan University, Utah Valley State University, Salt Lake Community College, and BYU. He worked for a time as a writer at BYU’s Education in Zion exhibit and then served as the Associate Director of Freshman Mentoring before moving to his present position in the National Scholarships, Fellowships, and Programs office. Fred, like Melville, “reads old books.” He likes to work on boats and other projects with his son, who is a marine mechanic, and enjoys exploring the deserts and mountains of Utah with him as well. His wife is a professor in Teacher Education at BYU, and his daughter is completing her doctorate at the University of Alberta. Fred is passionate about teaching and doing research, and he has published and made frequent conference presentations on the undergraduate experience. However, he also keeps his foot in other doors. For example, he has published articles and read conference papers on the history of medicine; on literature and medicine; on L. Frank Baum’s fabricated humanoids in the Oz books; on the Civil War in the West, and on vigilante justice in New Mexico. He has published biographies about Nick Udall of Arizona and Anna Brooks Taylor of St. George, and he edited and published a collection of Arthur Henry King’s poetry titled Conversion.