Previous Winners of the Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Scholarship





Bowen, Spencer

Spencer is double majoring in chemical engineering and Chinese. He is professionally bilingual, and completed a semester at Nanjing University and also a four month internship at the Celanese Nanjing manufacturing facility. He has completed four internships with Celanese and plans to work as a production engineer in the emulsion polymers business line after graduation.


Humiston, Spencer

From Minnesota, Spencer studied Political Science at BYU as an undergraduate and later attended BYU Law School. A prior winner of the Foreign Language and Area Studies Scholarship (FLAS), Spencer plans to live in Thailand for six months as a 2012 recipient of the NSEP Boren Graduate Fellowship. After graduating from law school, Spencer plans to practice law, preferably in Southeast Asia with a dream of someday owning a free-range cattle ranch in Argentina. Spencer's hobbies include mountain climbing and avoiding filling out the "about me" section on his Facebook profile.