Previous Winners of the Golden Key Scholarships & Awards





Beck, Dia

Dia Beck majored in Ballroom Dance with a minor in Media Arts Studies. She is a recipient of the Golden Key Undergraduate Scholarship. 


Burr, Benjamin J.

Benjamin is from Orem, Utah. He earned both a Bachelor's degree and a Master's degree in English and a Bachelor's degree in American Studies. As an undergraduate double-major, he had an excessive amount of undergraduate credit hours and spent the majority of his time "reading, writing, and working with professors." Through his close association with an English professor, he was invited to present a paper he wrote on Jonathan Rosen's "The Talmud and the Internet" at the ALA Jewish American and Holocaust Literature Symposium.


MacDonald, Brittany

Brittany is from Orem, Utah. She graduated Summa Cum Laude in April 2002 in Dietetics with a minor in Management. Brittany has served as the Best of America Coordinator for BYU from 2000-2001, and as President of the BYU Golden Key Chapter and President of the BYU Student Dietetic Association for 2001-2002. As President of BYU's Golden Key Chapter, she organized presentations that promote healthier living. Approximately 110 BYU students helped to present the information to third and fourth grade children throughout Utah Valley.

Reist, Danielle Z.

Danielle is from Sewickley, Pennsylvania. She graduated in April 2004 in Piano Performance and has spent most of her life focusing on and improving her musical talents. She began playing the cello in second grade and started taking piano lessons when she was twelve. While an undergraduate, Danielle tried to get involved in both on- and off-campus activities. She was a member of the Ballroom Dance Company for two years (Fall 2001-Winter 2003), and she has been involved with Operation Smile and Golden Key organizations.