Previous Winners of the Goldwater Scholarship


Erickson, Stephen

Stephen Erickson is a junior from Nevada and is majoring in both Physics and Mathematics. He will graduate in April 2015 and seek a PhD in Physics with interests in quantum information and quantum computing. He served a mission to Russia from 2010 - 2012. His undergraduate research has measured band gaps on ferritin nanocrystals seeking to make a photovoltaic solar cells more efficient. This work has been published in the international journal Nanotechnology.

Reininger, Charlotte

Charlotte Reininger is a junior from California. She will graduate with a BS in Chemistry in April 2015 and seek a PhD in Analytical Chemistry. She has done undergraduate research with Professor Paul Farnsworth since January 2013 studying the helium plasma mechanism for ionizing atoms and moleculesin mass spectrometry, an analytical technique used to detect and identify chemicals in the laboratoryor in environmental samples. Her work is being prepared for publication, and her poster on this research won third place among student posters at a national conference in October 2013.


Hancock, Braden J.

Braden is from Dayton, Ohio, and is majoring in Mechanical Engineering and minoring in Mathematics at Brigham Young University.  During his time at BYU, Braden has received two ORCA grants for research into engineering design, published numerous engineering articles, represented the Engineering and Technology department as the Honors Student Representative, interned with John Hopkins and the Air Force Research Laboratory, and participated in two study abroad programs, one to Eastern Europe, and one to the BYU Jerusalem Center.  A recipient of numerous scholarships (including the ASME Kennet


Daly, Ronald Terik

Terik hails from San Jose, California with a major in Geological Science and a minor in Dance. He conducted research with Daniel Austin in the chemistry of micrometeorite impact. He has successfully charged neutral quartz crystals for acceleration to meteorite velocity for laboratory impact studies, and while applying for the Goldwater was building a time-of-flight mass spectrometer to detect the chemical species resulting from these impacts.

Gerrard, Dustin D.

Dustin Gerrard grew up in Evanston, Wyoming and has a major in Mechanical Engineering and Mathematics. He has been working with Dr. David Fullwood of the Mechanical Engineering Department and Dr. Denise Halverson of the Mathematics Department to create topological descriptors of heterogeneous materials. As part of this research Dustin spent the summer of 2009 participating in an NSF-REU at Drexel University learning finite element modeling and computational homology. Dustin's research from BYU and Drexel was published in Computers Materials and Continua.


Winterton, Matthew

Matthew Winterton grew up in Alpharetta, Georgia and is currently studying Biochemistry and Music at BYU. Matthew served a 2 year LDS church mission in Madagascar where he was able to learn to speak the indigenous language of Malagasy. He regularly uses this second language to interpret for the LDS church, teach an advanced Malagasy course at BYU, and write a new Malagasy-English bilingual dictionary. Matthew had the opportunity to attend an internship where students are researching bone marrow grafts as cancer therapeutics.


Johnson, Oliver K.

Oliver graduated from Brigham Young University with a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering.  He completed an internship at the Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico where he plans on returning to work full time.  He worked as a research assistant at BYU and wants to pursue a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering. He is a recipient of the Tau Beta Pi Graduate Fellowship.

Staples, Jeffrey

Jeff is from Blue Springs, Missouri. He has a major in Bioinformatics and certainly has a passion for it. He has had unique experiences in his studies this far; ranging from interesting studies to attending a research internship at Harvard. Jeff plans to pursue a PhD in Biomedical Informatics through, "looking for the causes of complex diseases and their possible treatments." As Jeff looks back on his undergraduate experience this far, some of his fondest memories are working with his faculty coaches and doing what he loves and longs to do- research.


Healey, David W.

David is a Biochemistry major. His goal is to obtain a PhD in biochemistry and to do research and teach at the university level. He served a Spanish-speaking mission in Texas. He does undergraduate research in the laboratory of Prof. Allen Buskirk, where he studies the mechanism of tmRNA-mediated ribosome rescue, a process that occurs when a protein molecule being synthesized in a ribosome gets stuck due to a transcription error and must be freed for the ribosome to resume protein synthesis.

Reuel, Nigel F.

Nigel Reuel has been an engineer from birth. As a toddler he would gather all the shoes in his home and tie them together in a continuous chain. He would experiment with new knots, much to the chagrin of his parents. His favorite plaything as a kid was not the new toy but the package it came in. This Rio Rancho, New Mexico native is now studying Chemical Engineering with an emphasis in Biomedical Engineering and a minor in English.


Aamodt, Kristie

Kristie is from Harrisonburg, VA and majored in Genetics and Biotechnology with minors in Chemistry and Molecular Biology. She began preparing to apply for the Goldwater scholarship her freshman year when she began expressing interest in the field and developing relationships with professors. By developing relationships with several professors, they were able to write good letters of recommendation which she says, "made the difference between receiving the scholarship or not." Kristie also won an ORCA grant and the AACR Thomas J. Bardos Science Education Award.

Chan, Heather

Heather is a gifted violinist from Niskayuna, NY. She is double-majoring in Computer Science and Music Performance (violin emphasis) with a minor in Mathematics. Referring to her preparation for the Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship Heather said, "I felt prepared because of my research experience doing an engineering internship at GE Global Research and also conducting undergraduate research in computer science at BYU." Heather plays the violin in the BYU Philharmonic Orchestra and Chamber Orchestra.

Landon, Colin

Colin is from Grass Valley, California. He is majoring in Mechanical Engineering and minoring in Mathematics. He first heard about the Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship from his friend, who saved him from "flipping a lot of burgers. " Colin's research with Dr. Brent Adams gave him the experience he needed to make him a competitive applicant. Colin is participating in the heterogeneous design capstone program, and publishing his research with Dr. Adams on materials' microstructure. When he is not exercising his mind, he is exercising his body. He loves running or biking.


Anderson, Sterling J.

Sterling comes from Declo, Idaho. He graduated Summa Cum Laude in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Mathematics. He credits his preparation for the Goldwater Scholarship to several professors who helped him get involved with research. It is research that helped define his time at BYU. His best experience was presenting a paper at the 2005 International Conference for the Center for Friction Stir Processing. He also filled his time with recreational activities such as intramural sports, concert choir, and ballroom dance. Sterling is planning to earn a Ph.D.

Broderick, Adam H.

Adam graduated Magna Cum Laude in Chemical Engineering. He is from Danville, California and found out about the Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship from a flyer on campus but had long been preparing with various research and internship experiences. He was able to participate in a summer research program at Rice University. Adam feels this will go a long way in helping him towards his goal of researching in a clinical hospital. He would like to work on the development of treatments for cardiovascular disorders.

Haslam, Bryan T.

Bryan Haslam is an Electrical Engineering major from San Diego. Although he didn't do any preparation specifically for the Goldwater Scholarship, his undergraduate activities greatly enhanced his application. Bryan feels that his internship at Princeton University and the subsequent letter of recommendation were instrumental in winning this scholarship. Bryan has been involved in lacrosse and the Honors program. He has spent a great deal of his undergraduate experience participating in research groups to further his education and career.

Jackson, Jacqualine D.

Jacqualine grew up in Midland, Texas, but more recently hails from Anchorage, Alaska. She majored in Physics with a Math minor. Her best undergraduate experience was her NIST internship and it was also fundamental in preparing her for the Goldwater Scholarship. She has been involved with University Chorale, research groups and the Honors Program. Jacqualine's honors thesis was entitled "Determining the Refractive Index of Scandium Oxide in the EUV using Kramers-Kronig on Thin-Film Transmission Data." Her future plans include graduate school and earning a Ph.D in Optics.


Krogel, Jaron T.

Jaron is from Seattle, Washington, and he served in the England Leeds Mission. He graduated Magna Cum Laude in Physics with a minor in Mathematics. He was involved in research with Dr. Ross Spencer (Physics Department) from his sophomore year. Dr. Spencer allowed Jaron a lot of freedom to create a computer simulation of the Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometer (ICP-MS). Jaron enjoyed exploring this challenging project with Dr. Spencer's superb mentoring guidance.

Maxwell, Matthew S.

Matthew graduated Cum Laude with University Honors in Computer Science with a minor in Japanese. He is from St. George, Utah, and he served a mission in Fukuoka, Japan. He was a member of the Golden Key Honors Society, Phi Kappa Phi, Association for Computing Machinery, and Japanese Club. Matthew was inspired by the Computer Science Colloquium on graduate school, which he took as a freshman. The class helped reaffirm his decision to attend graduate school and obtain a Ph.D. He began preparing early for the Goldwater Scholarship by working for the U.S.


Cooper, Joseph L.

Joseph, from Orem, Utah, earned his Bachelor's degree in Computer Science with a minor in Psychology. He has spent three years on the Honors Student Advisory Council during which time he went to Chicago and participated in the National Collegiate Honors Conference. In addition to working as a research assistant for Dr. Sederberg, he also spent three years as a peer tutor in Math, Computer Science, and occasionally Economics. Joseph worked on his honors thesis research with Dr. Sederberg on finding more intelligent and graphical ways to merge family history databases.

Quigley, Morgan L.

Morgan graduated Magna Cum Laude in both Computer Science and Music with a minor in Mathematics. He is from New Canaan, Connecticut, and is interested in research on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. At BYU, Morgan had the opportunity to work closely with faculty to develop and focus his ideas. He was first a French horn student of Professor Larry Lowe, and then worked with other faculty members conducting research in Computer Science. He worked as a research assistant for Dr. Mike Goodrich in the Machine Intelligence Lab (Computer Science Dept.) for two years and with Dr.

Stoltenberg, Randall M.

Randy is from Lodi, California. As a Chemistry major, he received undergraduate research awards from the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department. Randy said, "My research experience has been and will be key in my future. It has made all the difference in receiving a Goldwater Scholarship. It also helped me get an internship this summer at Stanford.


Adamson, Kristi R.

Kristi is from Vancouver, Washington, and she earned her Bachelor's degree in Physics. Dr. Turley told her about the Goldwater Scholarship, and she started preparing for it in September 2001. As an undergraduate, she volunteered as a tutor for the Jacobsen Service Center and was involved in many research projects here at BYU and at the University of Rochester. One of her favorite undergraduate experiences was presenting her research at the American Physical Society Four Corners Conference. In the future, Kristi plans to work in material science and/or molecular optics.

Raymond, Scott B.

Scott is from Bozeman, Montana, and he served in the Russia Moscow South Mission. On his mission, he developed a love for Russian literature and music. He graduated Summa Cum Laude in both Neuroscience and Applied Physics with a minor in Mathematics. While attending BYU, he tried to obtain a very broad science background by completing the entire physics core, biology core, and chemistry core.


Hart, James A.

James graduated Summa Cum Laude in April 2003 in Physics with a minor in Mathematics. He is from Provo, and he served in the Germany Frankfurt mission. His goal is to obtain a Ph.D. in Physics and to "become a fully proficient physicist actively engaged in research into the fundamental theories of the universe."

Price, Joshua L.

Joshua is from Neenah, Wisconsin, and he served in the Texas McAllen Mission. He graduated Summa Cum Laude with University Honors in Biochemistry. Joshua's goal is to obtain a Ph.D. in Biochemistry or Bioorganic Chemistry and to "conduct pharmaceutical and cancer research in industry or at a university."


Nielsen, Lars P.

Lars is from Modesto, California, and he graduated in Chemistry with minors in Mathematics and Physics. Professors Morris J. Robins, Steve Fleming, Merritt Andrus, and Paul Savage were instrumental in helping him be competitive nationally. These professors gave him "a lab to work in, a safe environment with high standards, and the confidence to question everything." During his undergraduate education, he won the BYU ORCA Scholarship.


Frost, Adam Scott

Adam served a mission in the Washington Spokane Mission. He is from Provo, and he graduated from BYU in Biochemistry. Adam enrolled in the MD/PhD program at Yale University School of Medicine. Adam also received the National Institutes of Health-Medical Scientist Training Program award for 2001.



Austin, Daniel E.

Daniel is from Aurora, Colorado, and he served in the Russia Moscow Mission. He graduated with University Honors in Chemistry with minors in Russian and Physics. Daniel was named the Outstanding Freshman Chemistry Student, a National Merit Scholar, and a BYU Trustees Scholar. He is married to the former Lisa Marie Burton. Daniel also received the National Science Foundation Fellowship for 1998-1999.

Lewis, Brenda

Brenda was raised in Salt Lake City, Utah, where her diligence in academics earned her the privilege of coming to BYU as a National Merit Scholar. She graduated with University Honors in Microbiology with minors in Chemistry and Music. Brenda feels that her education was enhanced by working with students as a Teaching Assistant and also with professors doing research.


Brewer, Rhett T.

Rhett is from Las Vegas, Nevada and graduated in Chemical Engineering. He worked with Dr. William Hecker on coal combustion with a focus on char oxidation kinetics and the effect that burnout has on the remaining carbon structure and hence reactivity during the late stages of combustion. Rhett received the BYU Board of Trustees Scholarship and was an Eastman Scholar. He worked as an intern in Chemical Engineering for Eastman Chemical in Texas. Rhett also received the National Science Foundation Fellowship for 1997-1998.

Chao, Wendy

Wendy is from Orem, Utah. Also a National Merit Scholar, Wendy earned her Bachelor's degree in Microbiology with an emphasis in Molecular Biology and has researched the genetic characterization of bacterial DNA. She assisted Dr. Richard Robison of the Department of Microbiology by sequencing the genes responsible for drug resistance. Identifying these genes will help promote diagnosis and treatment of multi-drug-resistant strains of tuberculosis. Wendy has since gone on to receive a PhD in genetics from Harvard University.


Willis, David M.

David is from North Andover, Massachusetts. He served in the Korea Seoul West Mission. He graduated in 1996 with University Honors in Molecular Biology. After graduation, David enrolled in the Molecular Cell Biology Program at Washington University School of Medicine.