Previous Winners of the Fulbright Scholarship


Muirhead, Brandon

Brandon Muirhead is a Business Management major from Colorado Springs, Colorado. A recipient of a 2013 Fulbright Fellowship to Slovenia, Brandon felt the best preparation for the Fulbright was his internship and relevant work experience. Brandon took a semester off from school to do an unpaid internship at the United States Treasury, which was a central part of his Fulbright application. He also speaks Slovenian, a unique and desirable trait for Fulbright applicants to Slovenia.


Long, Julianne

Julianne, from Provo, Utah, is a Linguistics major with minors in Editing and TESOL. A grantee of a 2012 Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship (ETA) to Germany, Julianne has had a wealth of undergraduate research experience as well as a number of internships that helped prepare her for the Fulbright. Also a member of the BYU Honors Program, Julianne wrote her honors thesis on “Language Attraction and Foreign Language Choice in College Students: Motivations, Personality, and Perceptions.”

Samhouri, Annie

Annie is from Parker, Colorado. She has a BA from BYU in Political Science, with minors in Middle Eastern Studies and Arabic & International Development and is a 2013 MS candidate in the BYU Sociology program. She studied Arabic for two years and put that knowledge to use with two internships with the Jordanian Ministry of Social Development. She also has three years of experience supervising the BYU Jordan International Development Internship with the Ministry of Social Development and Dr. Ralph Brown (her thesis chair).


Adamson, Matthew

Matthew hails from Mapleton, Utah, and is a Russian and Political Science major. He served a mission to St. Petersburg, Russia, and continued his Russian language studies. In addition, he became involved in BYU's International Field Studies program and was a student facilitator, helping students prepare cross-cultural research projects and implement them in South Africa. He gained valuable project proposal writing and IRB protocol writing through this experience.


Griffith, David

David Griffith is from Corvallis, Oregon, and holds a BA in Business Administration and a minor in Political Science; he is ready to put his passion for international development to good use with his Fulbright Fellowship. Having secured a prestigious internship from the Department of State at the U.S embassy in Bangkok, Thailand, and having also won the David L. Boren Fellowship and the Fulbright Fellowship to Laos, David has a bright future. His area of focus is how entrepreneurship can be used to alleviate poverty in underdeveloped countries.

Leavitt, Chelom

Chelom Leavitt, from Yakima, Washington, received a J.D. from the J. Rueben Clark law school and is pursuing a BA in Economics. Having practiced law for 17 years, she is thrilled to be going to the Shevchenko National University in Kyiv, Ukraine where she will be teaching a parenting class. She says, "Communism hampered familial ties. Teaching effective parenting skills and researching the effect of communist rule is critical and will be very rewarding." When asked what prepared her for this research opportunity, Chelom said that being a mother stood paramount.

Mecham, Drew

Drew Mecham is from South Jordan, Utah and graduated BYU with a degree in History and a minor in Middle East Studies. While at BYU, Drew was able to participate in several research projects in the history department. These research projects helped Drew develop the skills needed to succeed in the Fulbright program. Drew was able to attend BYU's Arabic study abroad and the intense pedagogy of Dilworth Parkinson. Drew plans to pursue a PhD.

Wells, W. Scott

Scott double majored in Korean and Linguistics and is from Kirtland, New Mexico. During his educational experience at BYU, Scott received the ORCA grant. The ORCA grant helped him learn how to apply for and carry out a research project. Scott was able to work as a student instructor in Korean language classes. While teaching these classes, Scott was able to work alongside BYU professors and faculty. Scott has been accepted into the PhD program at UBC's Department of Asian Studies and will begin the program after returning from his Fulbright work in Korea.


Bastian, Bruce

Bruce grew up in Idaho Falls, Idaho and became fascinated with the economic development of the former U.S.S.R. countries while he served an LDS mission to Russia. Bruce prepared himself for a Fulbright in a number of ways. He completed funded undergraduate research; studied multiple languages-Russian, German, and Tajik; and participating in various honors societies, clubs, and organizations on- and off-campus.

Clement, Mark K.

Kendell is a double major in computer science and bioinformatics. He gained extensive research experience long before he proposed a Fulbright to study Down Syndrome protein interactions at the Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics in Berlin, Germany. He conducted mentored research with specialists from math, statistics, and computer science in the IDeA lab involving biological network reconstruction. He also did a summer research internship in Germany at the Max Planck Institute and another with GlaxoSmithKline.

Cox, Jordan

Jordan is from Pleasant View, Utah. His double major in Physics and German Studies prepared him for the research he will conduct on his Fulbright in Berlin, Germany. Jordan is especially for grateful for his undergraduate research since it led him to apply for the Fulbright. Jordan served as the president of the Golden Key Honor Society and has said that serving in that capacity was, "the most rewarding" secular activity he has participated in during his time at BYU. After researching in Germany, Jordan plans on studying law.


Banks, Trevor

Trevor, a Theatre Arts Studies major, gained experience researching for an ORCA grant and also received a Fulton Grant from the Theatre and Media Arts Department. Before that he completed a New Zealand Art Project and was a direction, actor, and/or adaptor in upwards of 15 plays within six years. His Fulbright project is two-fold: first a study of Film History at the Lodz Film School in Poland, and second a documentation of film changes in art, culture, and politics from the still-present communist influence.

Dowler, Daniel A.

Daniel grew up in Gila, New Mexico. He majored in International Relations and minored in Mathematics. He first heard about the Fulbright grant his sophomore year, but the idea didn't appeal to him until he heard about it again while interning in Washington, D.C. for the US Senate, Joint Economic Committee. Daniel believes that this internship, which he participated in through the BYU Washington Seminar program, gave him invaluable experience and confidence.

Olsen, Aaron K.

Aaron is from Provo, Utah, and majored in Comparative Studies with a Latin emphasis. Before applying to a doctoral program in the Classics, Aaron applied for a Fulbright to fund his invitation to the International Center for the Study of Herculaneum Papyri to comprehensively review the Latin papyri of Herculaneum housed in Naples, Italy. His studies in Latin and his fluency in Italian contributed to his preparation for his Fulbright application.

Whipple, Kristine

Kristine hails from Bountiful, Utah. While pursuing a Latin American Studies degree as an undergraduate, Kristine traveled to Guatemala on a BYU ORCA and MEG grants and as part of a National Science Foundation research team to study Maya-K'iche communication and then presented her research at Inquiry Conference as well as at the American Evaluation Association, and her research was published in the Journal of Inquiry and Tableu.


Gray, Michael

Michael is from Phoenix, Arizona. He is a MESA (Middle East Studies/Arabic) major with a Political Science minor. Michael first heard about the Fulbright Grant as a sophomore when he started looking at scholarship opportunities. His diverse activities and research, including membership in many clubs and a study abroad in Egypt, have been essential in preparing him for the Fulbright application. Michael completed his capstone paper on Technology in the Middle East and hopes to use his research skills in his future career as a Middle East analyst.

Pritchett, Hannah

Hannah usually says she is from Belmont, MA, but may also claim Vienna, VA or Jakarta, Indonesia as home. At BYU, she majored in linguistics with minors in Arabic and mathematics, graduating Summa Cum Laude with University Honors in August 2006. As an undergraduate, she was prepared for graduate work by working as a TA in the Linguistics Department and by doing research for professors in several different departments, including Arabic and Planning & Assessment.

Whelan, Michael

Michael is from Overland Park, Missouri and majoring in History. He admits he had difficulty in choosing that major. Career options in humanities and social sciences can be slim. However, Michael feels that pursuing coursework that he truly enjoyed was not only worth it, but his best undergraduate experience. He also feels that getting to know professors and seeking internship opportunities were some of things that helped him be competitive for this grant.


Gilchrist, James

From Denver, Colorado, Jim graduated in Middle Eastern Studies/Arabic. He heard about the Fulbright Program through an Honors professor. He feels that his best undergraduate experiences were a study abroad in Syria and a research project about Muslims in Las Vegas; both prepared him for applying for the Fulbright. Jim was involved in BYU's Tae Kwon Doe Club, Arabic Club, and Folk Dance Ensemble, as well as many group projects. After his Fulbright, Jim planned on attending medical school.

James, Christiaan

Christiaan hails from Arlington, Texas, and he graduated in Middle East Studies/Arabic. He was able to complete three study abroad experiences as an undergraduate and feels that these were invaluable in preparing him for the Fulbright application. His best undergraduate experience was co-presenting a paper at the National Middle East Studies Association conference with Dr. Donna Lee Bowen, who also introduced him to the Fulbright Program. Before Christiaan started his Fulbright, he was a fellow at the Center for Arabic Studies Abroad program at the American University in Cairo.


Green, Alexia

Lexi has moved around a lot, but mostly claims she is from Woodland Hills, Utah and Salem, Utah. She majored in Middle Eastern Studies/Arabic and was Hinckley Hall Vice-President (2000-2001), Secretary of HELP (2001-2003), an organization to teach English to non-English speakers in the Provo community, and Arabic Club Secretary (2003-2004). Additionally, she was involved in Model Arab League (2001) and was later named best delegate (2003). She was also a member of the Arabic Club (2000-2004) and participated in Model Arab Court of Justice at Arab League Nationals (2004).

O'Keefe, Christopher

Chris is from Leesburg, Florida. He majored in International Politics with a minor in Economics. He feels that he was prepared for many things in life because his parents emphasized learning and critical thinking. He said, "Without that foundation, nothing else would have been possible." Chris has worked for three years as a teaching and research assistant for Dr. Daniel Nielson. The experience he gained writing drafts, doing archival research, and conducting interviews in Washington, D.C., allowed him to become familiar with the literature that motivated his Fulbright project.

Palmer, Jeremy L.

Jeremy is from Idaho Falls, Idaho. He received a Bachelor's degree in Russian with minors in German and Arabic. He will graduate with a Master's degree in Language Acquisition specializing in Arabic in December 2004. He believes he was competitive for the Fulbright because of his ability to speak and teach Arabic. He began studying Arabic in 1999 and teaching it in the summer of 2001. Jeremy also studied Arabic in Syria during the Winter 2001 semester with a BYU study abroad group that was originally scheduled to go to the Jerusalem Center.


Bush, Christopher F.

Christopher is from Portland, Oregon, and he graduated with University Honors in History and a minor in Russian Studies. He served in the Russia Moscow Mission, and his honors thesis is entitled, "Abandoning Hope: The Post-World War II Soviet Cattle Catastrophe." He went to Russia to conduct research for the duration of his scholarship.

Hansen, Shane H.

Shane is from American Fork, Utah, and he graduated with University Honors in Russian. He felt he was competitive for the Fulbright scholarship because he took honors classes, speaks Russian, and he already had a project in mind. He has also been involved in charitable organizations, the Russian Club, and study abroad. Shane received an ORCA Mentoring Grant from BYU to fund his honors thesis research, "Development and Freedom in the Russian Transition." The research he conducted in Russia is an extension of his honors thesis.

Johnson, Blaine J.

Blaine was born in Flagstaff, Arizona, just outside of a Navajo reservation. He graduated in International Studies with minors in African Studies, Anthropology, and Zoology. In 1998, he received an internship at the Grameen Bank in Bangladesh. There he saw the stark contrast of "poverty and affluence, success and despair, sympathy and indifference." He continued, "Perplexed, I went to Muhammad Yunus, the Bank's director, for advice.

Swapp, Ryan E.

Ryan grew up in Pleasant View, Utah, but he calls Englewood, Colorado home because he attended high school there. He graduated with university honors from BYU in Microbiology. Early on in his undergraduate education, Ryan began researching in a genetics lab. He worked in the lab for three years and the knowledge he gained there helped him to complete his honors thesis. For his honors thesis, Ryan went to Peru to research the genetics of a group of Peruvians to determine the origin of their ancestors.


Benson, Joseph P.

Joseph graduated with University Honors in Asian Studies with minors in Mathematics and Physics. He served his mission in Mongolia, and there he became interested in the Far East. Since his mission, Joseph has studied Chinese culture and language and traveled to China twice to conduct research for his honors thesis. With the help and guidance of Dr. Paul Hyer, he chose to use his Fulbright Scholarship to complete a research project in China.

Ligon, Hilary A.H.

Hilary graduated in International Studies with minors in Arabic and Arabic-Islamic Studies. The Fulbright Scholarship allowed her to do research in Jordan. Her Arabic classes helped her gain interest in Jordan and the Middle East. She prepared for the scholarship by studying Arabic in Syria, serving as president of Voice (the feminist club on campus), and by displaying an exhibit of photographs depicting life in the Middle East. While in Jordan, Hilary studied women's influence on Jordanian public life, specifically politics.

Schwartz, Robert F.

Robert fulfilled a one-year Fulbright Fellowship at Warsaw University's Department of Law and Administration and the Constitutional Tribunal of Poland. His project centered on documenting the evolution of freedom of religion or belief during Poland's transition from socialism to democracy during the late 1980s and early-to-mid-1990s. Robert studied closely with Michal Pietrzak (one of Poland's pre-eminent scholars on religious freedom) and Marek Zubik (who went on to become one of Poland's youngest jurists appointed to serve as a judge on the Constitutional Tribunal).


Bitner, Steven R.

Steven is from Sandy, Utah. He graduated in International Politics with a minor in Arabic. He worked as a teaching assistant and a research assistant in both the Political Science and Near Eastern Languages Departments. He became increasingly interested in the Middle East during his summer internship at the Kuwait Information Office in Washington, D.C. He feels that his internship helped him to be more competitive for the Fulbright Scholarship. While in Kuwait, he researched the cultural impact of the internet and satellite television on Kuwait society.

Mecham, R. Quinn

Quinn graduated with University Honors in Comparative Literature with minors in Arabic and Political Science in August 1997. He is from Logan, Utah, and he served in the Canada Halifax Mission. He pursued a graduate degree from Princeton University in New Jersey. Quinn also received an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship for 1997-1998, and a Phi Kappa Phi Scholarship for 1997-1998.

Mudrick, Samuel J.

Samuel is from Reston, Virginia. He graduated in International Studies with a minor in Latin American Studies. He attended the BYU Washington Seminar Program in Washington, D.C., and interned with a non-profit organization specializing in international education and student exchange. He feels that the "diverse and broad-based curriculum of the Kennedy Center" is what made him most competitive for the Fulbright Scholarship. The scholarship allowed him to conduct research in Mexico, his wife, Julie, accompanied him.

Packer, Jeff M.

Jeff is from Kaysville, Utah. He served in the Germany Berlin Mission and graduated in German Teaching with a minor in Russian Teaching in 1996. Jeff attended graduate school at BYU, and in 1999 he received his Master's degree in German Literature. The Fulbright scholarship has provided him with the opportunity to do research in Germany.


Bonta, Steven C.

Steven is from Pennsylvania, and he served in the Spain Barcelona Mission. He received his Master's degree in 1996 from BYU in Linguistics. Steven attended Cornell University for graduate school, and he used his Fulbright scholarship to research in Sri Lanka.

Florence, Leah D.

Leah is from Camarillo, California. She served a mission to the Russia Novosibirsk Mission. Leah graduated in both Vocal Performance and Russian. The scholarship allowed her to do research in Russia.

Hanley, David J.

Dave is from Oak Hills, California, and he served in the Ohio Columbus Mission. He graduated with both his Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Public Policy in April 2001. Dave went to Bangladesh for the duration of his scholarship to do research.

Morris, Shad S.

Shad is from Riverton, Utah, and he served his mission in the Bulgaria Sofia Mission. Since then, he has graduated from BYU in Psychology with a minor in Management. He received a Master's degree in International Area Studies and a Master's in Organizational Behavior both from BYU in August 2000. With the Fulbright scholarship, Shad did research in Bulgaria.

Reynolds, Makaria

Makaria is from Jerusalem, and she enhanced her Arabic studies by using the NSEP David L. Boren Scholarship to go to Jordan. She later graduated from BYU in International Politics with a minor in Arabic. She then won a Fulbright Fellowship to go to Jordan once again.

Shosted, Ryan Keith

Ryan is from West Valley, Utah, and he served in the Brazil Florianopolis Mission. He graduated in Linguistics with minors in Language & Computers and TESOL. Ryan chose to do research at Eduardo Mondlane University in Mozambique. Ryan also received the Jacob Javits Fellowship for 2001-2002.

Webb, Gregory G.

Gregory served a mission in the Sweden Stockholm Mission. He is from Pleasant Grove, Utah, and he graduated in Humanities with a minor in Scandinavian from BYU in 1994. In 1998, Gregory received his Master's degree in Comparative Literature from BYU. With the Fulbright scholarship, he was able to do research in Sweden.


Bishop, Brian D.

Brian is from Nampa, Idaho. He served in the Nebraska Omaha Mission, and he graduated in Linguistics with minors in Arabic and Language & Computers. With the Fulbright Scholarship, Brian went to Egypt to study Middle Eastern Languages and Literature.

Qureshi, Ahmed J.

Ahmed majored in Near Eastern Studies with a minor in Arabic. He is from Gilbert, Arizona, and he served in the England London Mission. Ahmed graduated from BYU in August of 1998 and used his Fulbright to study Middle Eastern Languages and Literature in Egypt.


Brewer, Cindy P.

Cindy is from Provo, Utah. She served in the Austria Vienna Mission, and graduated in German with a minor in Hebrew in 1990. She received her Master's degree in German Literature in 1991. She used the Fulbright Scholarship for her research project in Germany, "Narratives in Relief: A Study of 18th Century German Women Novelists." She is married to Bruce Brewer.

Miller, Donald D.

Donald is from Sunnyvale, California. He served in the Chile Osorno Mission, and graduated from BYU in 1993 with a Bachelor's degree in Spanish and a minor in International Relations. He received his Master's degree in 1995 from BYU in Spanish as well. Donald went to Spain for the duration of the Fulbright Scholarship to study, "Catalina de Erauso: Creating a Heroine through Literature and Art."

Pospisil, Kathryn

Kathryn is from Mesa, Arizona. She served in the Romania Bucharest Mission, and graduated in April 1997 with a Bachelor's degree in International Relations and a minor in Management. With her Fulbright Scholarship, she went to Romania to study, "Effects of U.S. Management Practices in Romania."

Tillman, Benjamin F.

Benjamin is from Newberry, Florida, and he served in the Argentina Bahia Blanca Mission. He received his Bachelor's (1993) and his Master's (1994) degrees in Geography. As an undergraduate student, he also minored in Spanish. Benjamin went to Honduras with the Fulbright Scholarship to research, "The Miskito Moravian Cultural Landscape."


Austin, Mark David

Mark is from Idaho Falls, Idaho. He served his mission in the Germany Munich/Austria Mission. Mark received his Bachelor's degree in December of 1995 from BYU where he majored in Anthropology with a minor in Arabic. He used his Fulbright Scholarship to go to Morocco and study "health sector convergence and illness behavior in Marrakesh."

Qureshi, Ahmed I.

Ahmed is from Littleton, Colorado. He graduated in August of 1995 in Near Eastern Studies with a minor in Arabic. Ahmed served his mission in the Canada Toronto West Mission and is married to the former Juliette Blackhurst. During his scholarship, he studied Arabic language in Jordan.

White, Keith A.

Keith is from Auburn, Washington. He received his Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Mechanical Engineering from BYU. He also minored in Mathematics and served his mission in Vienna, Austria. His Fulbright Scholarship allowed him to research "machining software development for surgical template fabrication" in Germany. Keith was awarded the National Science Foundation Fellowship in 1995 and is a member of Phi Kappa Phi. He enjoys the outdoors, sports, and camping.