Previous Winners of the Hertz Foundation Fellowship


Nielsen, Lars P.

Lars is from Modesto, California, and he graduated in Chemistry with minors in Mathematics and Physics. Professors Morris J. Robins, Steve Fleming, Merritt Andrus, and Paul Savage were instrumental in helping him be competitive nationally. These professors gave him "a lab to work in, a safe environment with high standards, and the confidence to question everything." During his undergraduate education, he won the BYU ORCA Scholarship.


Woolley, Adam T.

Adam is originally from Orem, Utah. During his time at BYU, he was awarded the Hertz Fellowship, the National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship, and the Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers. Adam feels that his most influential undergraduate experience was when he had the opportunity to do undergraduate research. His undergraduate research taught him how to do science and was the stepping stone to developing useful relationships with faculty. Adam currently is a Professor and Associate Chair in the BYU Chemistry & Biochemistry Department.